Insource by Number(monthly)

Insource by Number(monthly)

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Monthly number of On-Site Training conducted


Monthly number of attendees at Open Seminars


"Leaf (HR support system)": Total number of paid subscribers (organizations)


Stress Check Support Service: Number of orders and status of progress

(No. of orders received、No. of orders delivered、No. of orders to be delivered:Organizations)

"STUDIO (e-learning)" and Videos: Total numbers of subscription IDs and number of contents sold per month

Inquiries: Total number of inquiries


WEBinsource: Total number of subscribers


Number of new contents developed

(training, video)


KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and Performance Correspondence Chart

Performance Related KPIs
Monthly performance ・Number of On-Site Training conducted (Composition ratio of sales in FY22: 48.9%)
・Attendees at Open Seminars (Same as above: 24.3%)
・Organizations and users of Leaf (Same as above: 12.1%)
・Number of e-Learning and videos sold (Same as above: 14.7%)
1 month to 3months ・Number of inquiriesbr
In several months to 6 months ・Number of registered WEBinsource clients
WEBinsource is our entry level product for new customers, who are potential to purchase a variety of our services. The number of new registrations is an indicator of sales activity and a leading performance indicator for the next few months to six months.
In 6 months to 2 or 3 years ・Number of new contents developed
The increase in the number of trainings, e-Learning and videos and other contents developed will contribute to long-term growth of the company. It does not realize significant sales immediately, but rather contributes to business performance six months to two or three years afterwards