Our Philosophy

We will create a society in which everyone considers their work meaningful and feels fulfilled at work.

Learning business skills and know-how allows everyone to work on their own tasks in an effective manner. The more everyone absorbs what you have to do in business field, the more they can unleash their potential to grow. Ultimately, everyone can find joy and fulfillment in their work.

Our Management Policies

  • ・ We will develop and provide services necessary for society ahead of the times.
  • ・ We will provide services tailored to everyone's needs.
  • ・ We will seek reasonability by fully utilizing human resources and information technologies.
  • ・ We will build a society to which everyone contributes by demonstrating organizational efforts to support diversity.

Our Organizational Policies

  • ・ We will build a sustainable growth organization that every employee can cultivate their individualities, maximize their competencies and respect each other.
  • ・ We will create an open and transparent organization that gives equal opportunities and fair personnel evaluation to all employees.
  • ・ In order to make sustainable organizational growth, we will create a "barrier-free" workplace that treats all employees equally regardless of race, origin, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical / mental handicap, age, creed or lifestyle.

Our Story

insourceIn January 2003, Insource was originally founded as a start-up that specialized in career development education. After leaving a major metropolitan bank, I (Takayuki Funahashi) started my own company because I saw a business opportunity in "career development education".
Working in the bank, I was involved in many new businesses such as the development of telephone banking for the first time as a metropolitan bank, banking transactions for convenience stores for the first time in Japan, and mobile banking.
While involved with various companies / business people, I found common habits among those who work smart in terms of the way they manage tasks, behave, act and think, regardless of industry, occupation, or company they belong to.
Everyone in every business field should apply excellent business people's capabilities such as problem-finding / solving skills and abilities to choose the appropriate solution from multiple options and know-how to achieve goals step by step.
Although these principles are the common language required for every business person, they haven't neither been explicitly taught nor explicitly written in any book published in Japan.
"It is true that there may have long been lofty idealism and brilliant marketing strategies. But no one can teach these principles and know-how in a tangible way!!"
That was my "aha moment". What I found inspired me to start a career development education business.