Action Agenda

  • Contribute to society and environment through business activities
  • Co-create with all stakeholders
  • Build a sound and transparent governance structure

ESG + Performance Management

Through our current business of education and IT services, we help solve organizational issues and improve productivity. As a company that solves social issues, we will proactively create sustainable mechanisms and solutions by strengthening relationships with stakeholders while leveraging the Group's resources and strengths. At the same time, we aim to reduce the burden on the environment, improve human capital, and strengthen corporate governance. Under the ESG+P management policy, we are committed to achieving sustainable "performance" improvement while expanding businesses and initiatives that provide social value. We hope to lead to the development of a joyful society where diverse people can maximize their individuality and abilities and play an active role while respecting each other.

Sustainability Promotion System

Sustainability is being promoted by personnel mainly from the CEO Office and the Group Human Resources and General Affairs Department, with Director, Managing Executive Officer in charge. We are working with each group company and business division to plan and execute each initiative.

Promotion system chart

Identification of Material Issues

We identify our materiality issues using the following procedure

Extracted from social issues and stakeholder requests based on items in international standards and ESG guidelines such as GRI guidelines
and SASB (U.S. Sustainability Accounting Standards Board)

From the content identified, organize priorities in terms of the company's growth potential
and the value creation for society that we can provide

Material Issues to Achieve Sustainable Growth

The priority issues to work on toward 2030 were extracted from social issues and stakeholder requirements, and organized from the perspective of the Group's growth potential and the value creation that the Group should provide. As a result, we have identified eight items which are related to solving social issues through our business and ESG. Based on our management philosophy of "Creating a society in which all people will can enjoy working and feel fulfilled", we have set long-term goals for 2030 and will work to achieve them.