Message from CEO

Message from CEO

Achieving the SDGs is a challenge for society as a whole.

As the promotion of the SDGs has become a common challenge for all of humanity, it has become important to conduct corporate activities with consideration for the environment and human rights. In order to achieve the SDGs, it is necessary to change the conventional way of thinking, structures, and behaviors of society, and to take into account ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues.

For this reason, it is important that people throughout society understand the SDGs and proactively take the ESG into account in their own work. It is very difficult to change one's own behavior and even the behavior of companies and organizations with a sense of speed, but becoming a pioneer in promoting ESG is the greatest opportunity not only for Japan but also for companies. If we change the fastest, we can be sure to achieve great results.

Companies need to move beyond conventional practices and develop ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) friendly products and services to advance their corporate activities. This will require a large number of excellent human resources. In other words, the key to promoting the SDGs lies in the enhancement of human capital.

Insource's mission is to enhance the human capital of the entire society through career development training

In addition to understanding the SDGs and ESGs based on knowledge alone, human resource development is needed to strengthen R&D and product planning capabilities, to reduce costs through DX promotion, to improve profits and to strengthen organizational and individual sales capabilities in parallel. This is the kind of career development training that we provide. As the top runner in career development education in Japan, we are determined to play a role in improving the human capital of society as a whole.

Tackling tough issues with new challenges - Turning solutions to social problems into businesess

Our mission is to "solve as many social issues as possible". In addition to supporting Japanese companies and organizations to promote ESG through education for working people, we are also taking on the challenge of reducing CO₂ emissions and preventing the spread of poverty and inequality by leveraging our own capabilities in new business development, sales, and IT. Current initiatives include the digitization of textbooks, operation of the "mon cham" e-commerce (EC) site featuring products from welfare organizations, and a project to eliminate the period poverty. We also plan to work on securing our own renewable energy sourcesc over the next few years.
We believe that our mission is to create innovative methods that work with economic rationality to solve as many of society's problems as possible. We also see drastic environmental changes as an opportunity to review the value we provide, and will promote ESG+P (Performance) management to achieve sustainable performance improvement while expanding businesses and initiatives that provide social value.

The latest initiatives to address social issues

Launched "mon champ" e-commerce (EC) site - to expand sales opportunities

In October, 2021, we launched "mon champ," an e-commerce (EC) website featuring products from welfare organizations, with the aim of improving and enhancing the treatment of people with disabilities and the environment of the facilities. This is a website within Insource's that sells products from welfare organizations that are of high quality but have limited sales opportunities. Although sales are still small, we hope to increase sales volume in the future by fully utilizing Insource's sales power.

Project to eliminate period poverty

We have started a project to fight period poverty in February, 2022. It has recently become known that there are many children who cannot go to school or whose lives are affected by the lack of access to sanitary products. Insource hopes to advance the fight against period poverty by collecting donations from more than 30,000 private sector clients and providing sanitary products to more than 1,000 municipalities and social welfare organizations. Although the number of sponsors and recipients is still small, we hope to accelerate our activities in the future.

CO₂ reduction -Electricity saving and digitization of textbooks

As a training company, we use paper for improve textbooks to enhance the effectiveness of our training. The annual number of attendees is about 550,000, and each sheet of A4 paper emits 7g of CO₂ emissions. On an annual basis, this results in a significant amount of emissions. As a solution to this problem, we have launched an electronic textbook service in April, 2022.
In addition, we have more than 20 offices nationwide, with the number of locations increasing each year. We are thoroughly implementing reductions in heating and cooling through window insulation and other measures.