Cooperation with Arakawa Ward

Cooperation with Arakawa Ward

Concluded an "Agreement on Comprehensive Collaboration" with Arakawa Ward

With the relocation of Headquarter functions to Arakawa-ku, Tokyo in March, 2021, we have come to conclude this agreement in November, 2021 as we are deeply impressed by Arakawa Ward's efforts to address poverty among single-parent families and women. We will aim to build a sustainable support system.


Insource and Arakawa Ward will mutually cooperate and collaborate as below to support the independence of single-parent families in order to improve quality of their life and ensure healthy growth of their children and support the advancement of women in society.

  • (1)Support for single-parent families in employment
  • (2)Support for single-parent families in their daily lives
  • (3)Support for women's advancement in society

Future Initiatives

  • (1)Support for self-reliance of single-parent families through our training business
  • (2)Provide donations and food items
  • (3)Provide necessary goods or sustainable support for women in poverty
Mr. Takayuki Funahashi, Representative Director, President and CEO, Insource Co., Ltd, Deputy Mayor of Arakawa Ward

Employment support seminars for single parents

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, more people want to change their jobs from the food service industry to office work. We have been offering computer skills courses for single parents since December, 2021. In the beginner's course, we teach basic operations such as how to start up a computer and how to input text. In the practical course, we aim to improve their skills through exercises such as writing resumes and data inputting at work. In the future, we plan to hold seminars on various subjects such as business etiquette, speaking skills, telephone answering skills, and "Hou-Ren-Sou" (reporting and consultation) at work.

An Example of Program

PC skills course

Questionnaire from attendees

  • I would like to try general office work, which I have never experienced before.
  • It took me a while to learn the terminology, but I want to keep learning and get used to it.
  • I was glad to be able to remember how to use a computer, as I had not used computer since I was certified in high school.

Supporting elimination of "period poverty"

Arakawa Ward provides the following services to those who are unable to purchase sanitary products due to various reasons.

  • Send sanitary products to all junior high schools in Arakawa Ward (placed in women's restrooms)
  • Distribute sanitary products at the monthly pantry
  • Distribute sanitary products at ward offices

Insource agrees with this initiative and has started donating sanitary products since 2022. We will continue to provide ongoing support to help solve period poverty.