Contributing to Society through Business

Contributing to Society through Business

Basic Concept

Our business objective is to contribute to the resolution of social issues related to working people

With "to make a society that all people can enjoy working and feel fulfilled" as our management philosophy, we support our clients in solving organizational issues with the power of "training" and "IT", and contribute to improving productivity. Since our business itself is "solving social issues," we believe that our growth as a company will lead to the realization of a sustainable society.

Insource's Business Fields and Service Offering Policies

We provide trainings on practical work skills (HOW). School education provides various basic knowledge and literacy. However, it is not enough because work requires different skills. What is important in work is how to use the obtained knowledge (HOW). Working adults need to learn these practical skills in a short time through multiple training means. We provide "latest knowledge" such as IT skills and "work methods (HOW)" for working adults. We also provide a wide range of learning infrastructure services.
We value our five points in order to provide services that will make work enjoyable for all people.

Insource's Main Services

We offer the best training services according to our clients' requests and needs.

Our Business and Contribution to SDGs

Quality Education

Decent Work And Economic Growth

Partnerships for the goals

This our business objective itself : to help solve social issues related to employees. By improving everyone's skills through training programs, we aim to achieve both employee satisfaction and economic growth.
By improving skills through education, we aim to achieve both job satisfaction and economic growth at the same time.

Career development education conducted

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Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

We offer training programs to create equal opportunities and fair society.

We offer training programs for Compliance, Personal Information Protection, Labor Management, Subcontract Law, Copyright Law, Information Security Introduction, Risk Management

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Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We offer a wide range of training programs to make innovation happen within an organization -- which is our strength.

Creativity trainings conducted (inspire attendees to develop unprecedented business initiatives)

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Marketing trainings conducted

Annual total number of attendees


  • ※From July, 2021 to June, 2022

Gender Equality

Reduced Inequalities

In this area, we are ahead of other companies in developing training programs not only to promote the success of women, but also to promote the success of a diverse range of people, including people with disabilities, people from other countries, and LGBT people. The training is developed by the people involved and the content can be put into practice.

Women's empowerment trainings (trainings that promote female employees to maximize their competencies) conducted

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Global training programs for Japanese employees conducted

Annual total number of attendees


  • ※From July, 2021 to June, 2022

Good Health and Well-being

We provide about 20,000 people a year with mental health training and other services to help them work in a healthy way, both mentally and physically. We also offer a Stress Check support service that makes it easy to check your stress levels.

Mental Health Care trainings for career development

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Stress Check Support Service

Total number of organizations implementing Stress Check Support Service


  • ※1 From July, 2021 to June, 2022
  • ※2