Activity Policy
We will promote thorough company-wide visualization to build firm trust

We are committed to proactive information disclosure. We believe that we can build trust with investors by continuing to thoroughly "visualize" our business activities.
In the FY19, we issued 173 press releases, including monthly key performance indicators (KPIs). In the past, we issued 51 press releases in March, 2020, when the response to COVID-19 was in full swing and training for new employees was just around the corner. Even under unprecedented circumstances, we have communicated our activities to our shareholders and investors.
Press releases are written not only by the PR and IR staff, but also by staff in various departments, such as the Content Development Department and the Media Business Department, depending on the content of the release. Every employee is committed to pursuing accountability with a sense of ownership.
We also publish monthly performance indicators, frequently asked questions, and English translations. We will provide necessary information in a timely manner to improve our information and dialogue with our shareholders and investors.


Holding Regular General Meeting of Shareholders

  • ・Exercise of voting rights in writing and via the Internet
  • ・Online shareholder meeting

Information Disclosure

  • ・Voluntary disclosure of monthly KPI (key performance indicator) progress (first business day of each month)
  • ・News releases of new content and services, etc.
  • ・Disclosure in English (financial results and related materials, monthly KPI, and other timely disclosure information)
  • ・Q&A disclosure (answers to questions from investors)

Dialogue with domestic and foreign institutional investors and analysts

  • ・Financial results briefings (2Q, 4Q) and conference calls
  • ・IR meetings: Dialogue mainly online

Dialogue with individual investors

  • ・Information provided through annual shareholder newsletters and website

Dialogue with external evaluation organizations such as ESG rating agencies

  • ・Received MSCI ESG rating of "AA" (June, 2021)

IR Calendar

Total number of small meetings and meetings with foreign investors

We actively hold IR meetings, and in FY20, we held 248 IR meetings in one year. The number of opportunities for dialogue with foreign investors is increasing.

Disclosure in English

We are improving disclosure in English.