Regional Revitalization

Regional Revitalization

Insource Group's Regional Revitalization Business

The Insource Group's Mitemo Co., Ltd, which solves a wide range of social issues through education, creativity, and technology, provides services for regional revitalization.
We refer to the regional revitalization business as "regional co-creation business" by using the word "co-creation" to express our attitude of creating and nurturing together with "regions" as places where people live and work, rather than in the sense of a conflict structure between urban and rural areas. CUE, a specialized team for regional co-creation, sees the region as a stage for co-creation and co-creates sustainable businesses with like-minded local companies across Japan in order to create positive change for the future.

Why We Work on Regional Revitalization Business

Up to now, the majority of regional economic promotion measures through public works projects have consisted of capital and infrastructure investments to stimulate business activities in the region, or subsidies to small and medium-sized enterprises struggling in difficult times. On the other hand, the environment surrounding the region tended to be in a situation where even if facilities were available, they could not be fully utilized as issues became more serious, such as dependence on domestic service industries, deteriorating employment environment, declining attractiveness, overconcentration in Tokyo, labor shortage, shrinking domestic demand market, weakened infrastructure and declining quality of life (QOL), and so on.
In order to truly address the social and economic nature of the region, the nature of the investment must change from infrastructure to people, to an investment based on supporting local businesses to become more self-sustaining.
Since its founding, Insource Group has been committed to revitalizing organizations and society as a whole by empowering "individuals" through career training. Mitemo has also used the power of design to bring success to businesses and projects, and the power of education to achieve sustainable growth and self-creation for organizations and communities.
As a result, as of the end of June 2022, 38,825 organizations have used our services. We believe that by leveraging our accumulated knowledge and network, we can support revitalization and co-create positive impact in each region of Japan, where diverse people, industries, and cultures exist.

Missions in Regional Revitalization

The following missions are to create a sustainable future on the regions where we consider as a "stage"

  • Produce a "Stage" for co-creation in various parts of Japan for a future in which the economy, society, and culture circulate in a sustainable manner
  • Weave a story of co-existence and co-prosperity with like-minded local companies for the future as a business
  • Create collaborative models that leverage diversity by casting future leaders across regions, companies, and organizations

Service Process Flow Chart

In order to create a virtuous circle of community, culture, and economy in the region, a chain of active and discontinuous challenges by local people is indispensable. For this reason, we at CUE will not simply start a business, but will circulate and chain the knowledge and networks accumulated through numerous practices for business growth practices across the region. Our goal is to co-create a future in which local people can continue to improve their performance with a sense of touch and feel.

  • ①Provide and share know-how to government and people in charge of business planning in order to support regional revitalization projects for success
  • ②Set up a "Stage" for co-creation where local business owners can take the initiative, learn and practice know-how, and achieve results
  • ③Involve enthusiastic collaborators who can fill in the missing resources on the regional side (design, developing sales channels, commercialization, information distribution)
  • ④Coordinate experts and advisors with advanced knowledge and skills to lead local business owners to successful results
  • ⑤Run and facilitate a "Stage" for co-creation where local business owners and collaborators continue to learn, practice, and challenge together with the support of experts and advisors

Services Offered and Achievements (some examples)

■Revitalization of local businesses

Support for introduction of design management and business planning for small and medium-sized enterprises

We are introducing design management to small and medium-sized enterprises with the aim of adapting to changes in industrial structure, promoting business succession, and fostering creative industries. The overall production of new business, new product development, and sales channel development will be provided through the co-creation of technology, design, and academia. Consider future brand development issues and actions by conducting test marketing and analyzing results and customer response.

・Support for product development and sales channel development utilizing core technologies

We will hold events and seminars where participants can learn about specific case studies and websites that introduce practical examples that motivate local businesses, such as successful examples of brand development by small and medium-sized enterprises from the local region. The business will then be developed through workshops and through accompanying support by experts in product development and sales planning. By promoting independent operation, the brand will be developed even after the project is completed.

■Tourism Promotion

・Support the development of local tourism activities

We will work with local people to co-create a tourism program that is unique to the region, including local culture, history, nature, food, traditional crafts and trades. This will provide travelers with perspectives that cannot experienced through standard sightseeing. The "experience menu" will also focus on local traditional crafts and industries to promote local industries and pass on traditions to future generations, thus achieving sustainable tourism.

■Regional Development

・Entrepreneurial and business start-up experience program for junior high and high school students

We will optimally design goals and processes according to each region's awareness of issues such as preventing brain drain and revitalizing the economy. We also provide comprehensive support from public relations to conducting workshops, implementing the project, and presenting the results. Through the experience of "actually starting a business," we will develop human resources that will lead the next generation in the region.


・Conduct training focused on solving local issues

Depending on the current local issues and needs, we will select training themes, develop the curriculum, implement the training, and provide support for reflection and self-implementation. We can also design month-long practical training programs that combine classroom and hands-on training. Our expertise in entrepreneurship and business/management will help the client to practice problem-solving specific to local issues.