Initiatives for Health and Productivity Management

Initiatives for Health and Productivity Management

Health and Productivity Management Declaration

Insource Group will improve the vitality and productivity of its employees by creating an environment in which they can work comfortably. We have also announced our Health and Productivity Management Declaration with the goal of creating a healthy and bright society.

Health and Productivity Management Declaration

The Insource Group will continue to grow by continuing to change itself even as times and the environment change. We also strive to maintain and improve the physical and mental health of each and every employee to support change and growth.

Insource Co., Ltd.

Representative Director, President and
Chief Executive Officer
Takayuki Funahashi

Promotion System

The Director and Managing Executive Officer chairs this committee. In addition, the Health Promotion Officer belonging to the Group Human Resources Department will take the lead in establishing a system in cooperation with the Safety and Health Committee and an industrial physician to implement and verify the effectiveness of measures.

In addition, important management matters are reported at meetings of the Board of Directors and the Management Committee.

Health Issues and Targets

Based on the analysis of the results for FY21, we have identified "lifestyle-related diseases (exercise habits and smoking prevention)," "Healthy mentally," and "improvement of labor productivity" as priority issues. We will strive to maintain and improve the physical and mental health of each and every employee by setting numerical targets for each of our health issues and implementing initiatives for each of them. Each numerical target is calculated based on health checkup figures and employee surveys.

Classification Item Unit FY19 FY20 FY21 Target value
Medical checkups and examinations Consultation rates for regular health checkups % 100 100 100 100
Percentage applicable to specific examinations % 22.0 19.8 22.7 20.0
Lifestyle habits Smoking rate over 40 years old % 16.5 16.0 14.8 5.0
Percentage of people aged 40 or older with exercise habits % 15.9 15.1 17.4 19.0
Ratio of people maintaining an appropriate weight
(Persons Less Than BMI18.5~25)
% - 66.4 63.8 67.0
Mental health Stress check acceptance rate % 89.0 87.2 87.6 100
Percentage of employees with high stress checks % 9.1 11.1 11.9 10.0
Labor productivity Absenteeism※1 Day - - 3.3 3.0
Presenteeism※2 % - - 81.9 85.0
Woik Engagement※3 Points - - 3.3 3.5

1 Percentage of employees who have submitted a leave of absence among all employees

2 Deviations measured by original questionnaire using SPQ (Single-Item Presenteeism Question developed by the University of Tokyo Working Group)

3 Deviations measured by a Unique Questionaire Using the Shortened Three Items of the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale.

Other results are as follows.

・Percentage of paid leave taken:78.1%(FY21)

・Average length of service of full-time employees:4.8年(FY21)

・Full-time employee turnover:8.4%(FY21)

Health Strategy Map

Investment in individual health and productivity management measures

Item FY19 FY20 FY21
Legal welfare expenses 246 million yen 310 million yen 307 million yen
Non-statutory welfare expenses 15 million yen 17 million yen 20 million yen
Of which, medical care, etc. 5 million yen 6 million yen 8 million yen

Details of the actual measure

1.Measures to prevent lifestyle-related diseases

(1)Excercise habits

①Radio Taiso (exercise) for all employees

All employees participate in radio Taiso (exercise). This daily exercise program helps to relieve the lack of daily exercise and to stimulate communication among employees on the floor.

Comments from Participants

  • Physical exercise in the morning allows you to work with a clear head and body.
  • I feel that my physical problems are gradually improving. I would like to continue working on this in the future.

②"Sanpo-Kai (Walking Club) (Let's walk in Higashi Park Club)" (on September 25, 2023)

Number of participants: 17 (participation rate: 25%)
Employees at Kyusyu branch held a walking club in the park (about 700m) near the branch for the first time.

Comments from Participants

  • I felt that I was able to interact with members of various departments through walking, and that it would become easier to communicate during work in the future.
  • I am constantly working at my desk, so the physical activity was a great way to refresh myself.
  • I don't usually have a chance to talk with people from other departments, so this was a good opportunity to get to know each other.
  • It was a very nice change of pace just to walk a little while enjoying the scenery of the neighborhood. I would like to be more conscious of physical exercise during breaks from now on.

③Bouncy Balls are introduced

Bouncy balls are distributed to those who wish to use in each office

Comments from Users

  • It is effective in strengthening the core because one must sit with the pelvis erect and the back straight or one will fall. Since the pelvis is erected, the abdominal area must also be strengthened and the waist area can be strengthened.

④Height-Adjustable Desks are Installed

Height-adjustable desks have been installed in some offices to improve physical activity and shorten meeting times during the workday.

Comments from Users

  • To our surprise, a variety of ideas were generated because the meetings were held in an unusual environment. Meeting time has been shortened and discussions have become more active.
  • Sitting has made my posture worse, but standing has refreshed my mind and body.

(2)Measures against smoking

No smoking during working hours

In October 2023, we launched a program to encourage employees and their families to ban smoking inside and outside the company during their working hours in order to protect employees and their families from health hazards caused by tobacco.


①"Eat until you're 80 percent full" - Promotion Period was Established

Beginning October 1, 2023, we have established a six-month promotion period for employees 30 years of age and older to promote moderate eating habits: "Eat until you're 80 percent full. Examples of employee initiatives are collected and introduced at morning assemblies in which all employees participate. In the future, we will share information on dietary habits.

②Improve Employees' Health Literacy

We also provide opportunities to learn about the "How to Read the Results of Medical Examinations." According to the results of the in-house questionnaire conducted in September 2023, 88.2% of employees understood the results of the medical checkup, and the results of e-Learning distribution have been achieved. Our CEO himself also distributes health information to all the employees.

③Subsidies for Influenza Vaccination Expenses

Every year, we subsidize the expenses of flu immunization for all employees. In addition, at some offices where 50 or more people work at all times, we are implementing group-based vaccinations in the workplace.

・Vaccination rate: 87.9%(FY21)

(3)Future Challenges

①Increase in the Rate of Follow-up Check

We have been recommending to take follow-up check since FY22 and 100% of the employees have received the examination as of the end of September 2023. We will continue to recommend medical examinations to those who are in need.

② Improvement of Utilization Rate of Specified Health Guidance

In cooperation with the National Health Insurance Association, we aim to improve the usage rate of specified health guidance from FY22.

③Thorough Exercise Habits and No-Smoking

The Health Management Promotion Committee was established on October 2, 2023. Through Group Human Resources Department and the health-promotion staff in each department, we will promote and thoroughly implement exercise habits and no-smoking projects.

2.Mental Health Measures

Establishment of Internal and External Health Consultation Desk

We have established internal and external health consultation desks starting from FY22. We will conduct employee interviews with public health nurses on a regular basis and provide individual health consultations to resolve health concerns and raise employees' awareness of health issues.

3.Improve Labor Productivity and Work Engagement

(1)Implementation of Stress Checks

Our service, "Stress Check," is also conducted annually for our employees.

(2)Employee Social Events were Held

Opportunities for employee social events had decreased since the COVID-19 pandemic, so a total of three joint departmental social events were held in FY22.

Comments of Participants

  • It was nice to be able to talk with members I didn't usually interact with.
  • It was the first time I saw a young employee smile without a mask.
  • The CEO's valuable testimonials and words of encouragement gave me encouragement for the future.

(3)Refreshment Rooms are Available for Employees

During lunch breaks, vacant conference rooms are opened as places for employees to take a break.

Our services to improve health literacy

(1)Provision of information to business partners(e-mail newsletters)

We provide information on the promotion of health management through an e-mail newsletters to our business partners.

(2)E-Learning on health-management promotion (produced by Value HR Co., Ltd.)

[Health and Productivity Management Series] As an example, we sell e-Learning and videos. In addition to "How to proceed with health management" and "Diet, Sleep, and Exercise" as teaching materials to learn the proper lifestyles, we also offer "Women's Health," "Quit smoking," which has been emphasized in recent years, as well as "How to read the results of medical checkups," "Prevention of infectious diseases," and "Health literacy."

(3)Medical checkup management system × Health contents "Leafwellness"

This support is designed to ensure smooth completion of health checkup-related tasks and appropriate measures by utilizing the data. In addition to improving the efficiency of medical checkup operations, the system can support corporate health policies with a range of healthcare content that improves the physical and mental health of employees.

(4)Training to improve well-being

We offer a range of programs that help create an open workplace and improve health literacy, such as programs on sleep management, mental health and strengthening teamwork.

(5)Stress Check Support Service

We support stress checks for each organization. Entire services can be entrusted to us, including preparation of questionnaires, information, distribution, tabulation, individual/group analysis, and listing of high-stress individuals.

(6)Project to Eliminate Period Poverty (Improvement of local welfare)

In order to help women suffering from "period poverty" in their communities, we are conducting a project to collect donations from companies and provide sanitary products to local governments. To solve the problem of period poverty, we will strive to improve the welfare of the community and the health of women by expanding the project.

External Evalutaion

Certified as an Excellent Health Management Corporation 2023 (Large Enterprise Division)

We have been certified (for the second time) as a "Corporation with Excellent Health Management 2023" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. We will continue to promote Health and Productivity Management with the aim of creating a healthy and bright society by creating an environment where employees can work comfortably, thereby enhancing their vitality and productivity.