Employee Training

Employee Training


Cultivate HR who can enjoy changes

We are always changing with a sense of speed and flexibility. This requires our employees to respond to changes in the times and the environment and to continue to grow. In order to develop such human resources, we flexibly adopt the necessary skills in line with the times and provide the best training programs for different levels.

Training framework (FY19 - FY20)

In addition to level-specific training and IT skills training, we provided a wide range of training such as e-Learning, asset formation initiatives, and regular Open Seminars. We plan to design and implement internal HR development in accordance with the trends of the times and the growth of the organization.

Level-specific trainings (FY19 - FY20)

We conduct training for all levels of employees. In FY20, we set "Fostering cost awareness" and "productivity improvement (business management)" as common themes to develop a mindset and strengthen skills to "make money" even under the adversity of the COVID-19 crisis.

About Level-specific trainings

Common themes - Cost awareness and productivity improvement for FY19 - FY20

From FY19 - FY20, we have added new common themes of "Cost Awareness" and "Productivity Improvement" to the existing level-specific training.
Our training services could not be provided as before due to the COVID-19 crisis, which affected the company's performance. It was necessary to raise each individual's awareness of costs to foster a sense of ownership and to consider how their actions are realte to the company's performance. To inprove productivity, we incorporated the individual and team time management skills to ensure results despite workplace and time constraints such as working from home and overtime restrictions.

Cultivate young leaders with problem-solving skills

In order to make young employees competitive at an early stage, we actively transfer authority to them, and some of them are appointed as base managers or project leaders in their 20s. Training focuses on the skills of "independent thinking, team involvement, and problem solving". While we have introduced "problem solving" for senior employees who play a central role in the team, the training focuses on OODA concepts and skills for team leaders.

Playing managers with results-oriented skills

Since most of them are playing managers, the training focuses on managing their own work as well as methods to improve team performance. The training for sales department managers is conducted in the form of a workshop to identify problems in their own departments and with their subordinates, and work out solutions. The training for non-sales managers focuses on confirming management methods for remote work, and includes learning how to separate and standardize work, how to assign work to employees, and how to manage risk and motivation.

Other in-house trainings

"In-house Digital Human Resource Development Project" for all employees

We improve IT literacy across the company by providing IT skills training to all employees and staff and personnel transfers between system-related and non-system related departments. If employees in the field are able to define requirements, communication with the system development department will be smoother, and development speed will be further improved. Since FY19, we have provided all employees with basic knowledge training on DX. Younger employees and those in the content development and media divisions have been trained in skills to be able to define requirements, leading to business improvement and the development of new services.
All new employees who joined the company in April 2021 were trained in the Python programming language. In the sales department, new hires are using Python to improve their work, and the results are already being seen.

Example of Python use by new employees who joined the company in April, 2021

  •  ● Conducted study sessions for senior employees
  •  ● Developed a tool for automatic creation of sales lists
  •  ● Developed automated program for proposal creation

In-house digital human resources training by level(FY20/09)

Compliance training for all employees

The training is conducted every year for all employees. Employees watch our product on Leaf, and then take a confirmation test to measure their level of understanding. And copyright law is a necessary training as a company that provides content services.

In-house internship to strengthen group interactions

Short-term internships are also offered within the company to promote interaction among the group. In FY20, a total of more than 150 sales representatives participated in a two-week internship program to the Insource Digital Academy and the IT Services Division to strengthen IT staff training and understanding of Leaf.

To raise awareness of employee asset formation and shareholder-oriented management

We want to create an organization in which all employees share the common value of "I love the company and want to contribute to it" while respecting each individual. To this end, we have established three systems from the shareholder's perspective.

  •  ① Restricted Stock Compensation Plan for all employees who meet certain conditions (optional)
  •  ➁ Company defined contribution pension plan
  •  ➂ Employee stock ownership plan (optional)