Business Documentation Training

Business Documentation Training
13/09/27 Update

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Aims and features

Features of Japanese Business Documentation

Exchanging documents written in Japanese must be everyday occurrence even for foreign affiliates and multi-national companies as long as they are working in Japanese market.
When it comes to making a business document, first of all, it is important that the documents are easy to understand so that readers can grasp the contents quickly. And then you have to pay attention to the following points in writing a business document in Japanese language.
In Japanese documentation, each sentence should be kept short and simple within 40 to 50 words. And, it is required to be written in an appropriate format according to each type of documents such as a business document and an internal document.

Insource’s Japanese Business Documentation Training focuses on the practical use.

As a pioneer of business documentation training, Insource has been providing various types of training programs on business documentation for a lot of companies and public offices.
The biggest feature of our training is that we are focusing on “the practical use of the training”. We provide the contents that encourage you to easily remember and apply what you’ve learned in the training to your actual work even after going back to your workplace.

“You are bad at writing.” can contain two different meanings. You may be poor at language ability, or you may be ignorant of business world. Therefore, you cannot write a proper business document when you try to improve only your Japanese language ability. The reason why our business documentation training is popular is that our instructors can tell how business writing skills are utilized in actual business scenes.

You will have many practical exercises including summarizing a media release and writing emails, reports, a minute and a request for approval to acquire business writing skills not only through lectures but also from hands-on experience.

Track Record

The reason why our training is popular

Actual implementation regardless with the lots of implementation number and industry and business categories.

We are proud to implement more than 200 numbers of training per year.This training has been implemented on various types of industries and business categories such as food, hotel,transportation, government administration office,financial firm,call center, construction and real estate,medical welfare etc.It is possible to implement the training according to the needs of the trainee.

Total participants
16,118(※Period covered:2012/4/1~2013/3/31)


Content: Understood well,

Trainer: Excellent・Good

Comments from participants

  • The training was really useful. I learned the importance of expressing responses while listening to the opponent. I will try giving responses in my workplace to encourage meeting and everyday conversation.
  • I thought the time spent on skills of e-mail writing was not enough for me. I liked the training with lots of exercises. But it would be better with more exercises.
  • I found even in complaint handling, certain frameworks and patterns are necessary. And I learned it is important to avoid writing according to a manual and arrange each document inconsideration of the other party.

Our Coach

This training will be conducted by a teacher who has vast field experience in business skill.

This training will be conducted by more than 200 instructors.
We will teach not 'only' the business documentation but also introduce you with the instructor who will teach you about business.

Sample training program

Sample Program
  • 0.Introduction
    Think "what is important in business documentation" on your own, and some participants share their thoughts with the
  • 【Ⅰ.Basics】
  • 1.What is business documentation? ~Learn its structure and rules.
    (1)Types of business documentation ~internal document and business document
    (2)Eight points for business documentation
     ①Pick a title which allows readers to grasp the outline.
     ②Keep sentences short within 40-50 words each.
     ③Subject and predicate should be consistent in a sentence.
     ④The contents should be concrete and precise.
     ⑤Simple wording
     ⑥Pay attention to name/position of the other party.
     ⑦Make the writer's position clear.
     ⑧Proper and neat layout
    (3)The structure of business documentation ~Easy to understand for readers is the bottom line.
    (4)[Exercise1] ~Summarize the 1000 words content within 200 words.  
  • 2.Internal document
    (1)Basics ~Make it simple without formality.
  • 3.Business document
    (1)Basics ~Make it polite with fixed phrases.
    (2)Common phrases of opening and closing for business documentation
    (3)Appropriate formats for envelopes and post cards
  • 【Ⅱ. Practical 実践編】
  • 4.Points for e-mailing in business
    (1)The structure of business e-mails
    (2)Points for writing business e-mails
    (3)Notes when writing business e-mails
  • 5.Points for minutes-writing
    (1)Points for minutes-writing
     ①Date ②Place ③Participants ④Outline/ items decided
     ⑤The details ⑥The next meeting schedule
     ⑦Remarks (can be excluded)
    (2)[Exercise2] minutes-writing
     ~Try writing a minutes based on the meeting shown in DVD.
  • 6.Report-writing
    (1)The structure of internal reports
    (2)Points for report-writing
    (3)Practical skills of report-writing
    (4)[Exercise3] report-writing
    ※All participants do the exercise in each group, and the best report in each group will be shared in whole class.
    The trainer will give them notes and advice.

この研修カリキュラムはあくまで一例です。お客さまの課題・お悩みに応じて柔軟にカスタマイズ可能です。また、研修効果を高め定着化を促進する「研修呼び覚 まシステム」や研修担当者様の負担を減らし効率向上を支援する「研修管理サービス」もございます。お気軽にご相談下さい。

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Performance record 2016
  • Number of training performance
    • 18,993
  • On-site training programs
  • 12,416
  • Open seminars
  • 6,577
  • Number of clients
    • 23,132
  • Number of participants
    • 446,010

Evalution by participants

  • Understood well,
  • Excellent,

※From October 2015 through September 2016

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