INSOURCE is looking for the training instructor, especially having a managing experience, is able to speak English and Japanese in business.- 株式会社インソースの求人情報研修業界で最先端を走る研修会社で活躍してみませんか?

Work with Us!

We are looking for trainers who can facilitate business trainings in both English and Japanese due to the rapid increase of the following demands in Japan.

-Trainings in English in general
(Situations where Japanese and non-Japanese people need to communicate in English is increasing for within and outside of their offices.)
-Trainings for Japanese expatriates overseas
-Global talent trainings for Japanese workers

Recruitment Information

■Corporate Name
Insource Co., Ltd.
Business Trainer, Consultant
Training Services
Kandabashi Park Building 5F
1-19-1 Kanda Nishiki-cho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan
■Job Description
1) Arrangement before Training
- Schedule arrangements will be needed
- Training and client information will be informed
- Meetings may be needed with sales representatives for further planning of the training - Meetings with clients may be needed depending on the clients
- Will be asked to prepare using the textbook given from us
2) Training
- Will need to share your experiences for participants to cover up anything not written on the textbook - Will need to facilitate the training, draw ideas from participants, and encourage
the participants to become aware of what they need to learn and think
■Requirement :
  • - Language: English and Japanese in native/business level
  • - Work experience: more than 3 years, especially in private corporations
  • - Currently living in Japan (regardless of your nationality)
  • - Excellent facilitation skills
    • ・ Draw ideas and opinions from participants
    • ・ Be approachable and affable to participants
    • ・ Encourage participants to actively engage in the training

*We prohibit dual employment, but those with private business are welcome.

■Training Locations
1) Corporate Training
We will ask you to directly go to the seminar room where our clients offer
2) Open Seminar
We will ask you to come to our seminar room
(Dai 2 Ryumeikan Building 2F, 3-20 Kanda Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
*Locations depend for our other branches)
Dependent upon experience (hourly wage)
■Contract Period
6 months renewable contract

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Application Process

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