Presentation Skill Training

Presentation Skill Training
13/09/26 Update

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Aims and features

The must-know basic skills

No matter how good a product is, you cannot sell it if the promotional speech is poor. Even if you create a perfect proposal, you cannot realize it if you cannot convince your opponent. Presentation skill is one of the skills that every businessperson should acquire.

The curriculum that focuses on details one by one.

The following three are the distinctive features of the training.

1.Understand and improve
Your presentation will be recorded by video. Through this video you will be able to check the improvement and find problems by yourself. Thus, your presentation skills can be improved efficiently.

2.You can notice improvements by repeated practices
Presentation skill can always be improved by proper preparations and practices. Our training has lots of presentation exercises. You will be able to notice the improvement comparing the presentation which you will make at the beginning with one at the end of the training. These exercises enable you to understand the importance of preparations and practices and feel the effects of the training.

3.Increase favorable impression and present effectively
Our texts contain tips and common knowledge of presentation that found from day-to-day business cases. Particularly, we will carefully teach you matters that anyone is already supposed to know but can hardly be explained by words such as eye-contact, smile, standing posture, and tones.

Anyone can improve presentation quality.

The training effects will be as follows; you will know

1. There is no silver bullet for improving presentation quality, and

2. It is important to get rid of the feeling of inferiority

Your presentation quality has nothing to do with talent or personality! While there is no silver bullet for improving presentation, proper preparations and sufficient practices surely enable anyone to improve presentation quality. You will even be able to give "an attractive presentation that conveys your message" with further preparations and practices.

Track Record

The reason why our training is popular

■Our record for proving this training; the enforcement numbers no barriers to any industries
We provide this training nearly 400 times so far. We also provide this to many industries and companies such as the food-services, hotels, transportations, government and municipal offices, finances, call centers, constructions and real estates, medical welfares and so on.

Total participants
4020(※Period covered:2012/4/1~2013/3/31)


Content: Understood well,

Trainer: Excellent・Good

Comments from participants

  • I have lots of opportunities to get in contact with customers at my work, so I would like to make use of what I learned in the training from tomorrow. Group work was valuable. I could talk with other participants whom I hardly have a chance to talk with.
  • Checking my own posture and speech thoroughly by video made me feel a bit uncomfortable, but it was surely a great opportunity to know my own areas of improvement. It was also good to be able to receive useful advice from the instructor. I will continue improving my skills based on what I learned in the training.
  • Thanks to the lots of exercises, the training ended and I didn't feel bored. I now know that speeches which lacking elaboration do not convince anyone, and they will make the opponent feel one's impoliteness.

Our Coach

■The lecturers, who have many experiences and the excellent presentation skills, put the training into effect.

The number of lectures exceeding 200 people and they have many experiences in many field such as announcers and professional sales persons. They will advise you not only the fundamental techniques of “talking” but also the method of “be able to utilize” from the next day of the training.

Sample training program

この研修カリキュラムはあくまで一例です。お客さまの課題・お悩みに応じて柔軟にカスタマイズ可能です。また、研修効果を高め定着化を促進する「研修呼び覚 まシステム」や研修担当者様の負担を減らし効率向上を支援する「研修管理サービス」もございます。お気軽にご相談下さい。

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Performance record 2016
  • Number of training performance
    • 18,993
  • On-site training programs
  • 12,416
  • Open seminars
  • 6,577
  • Number of clients
    • 23,132
  • Number of participants
    • 446,010

Evalution by participants

  • Understood well,
  • Excellent,

※From October 2015 through September 2016

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